Defined by the World English Dictionary as
1. to give or delegate power or authority to; authorize
2. to give ability to; enable or permit

Okay, sure.  But that sounds so lifeless for a word that is so full of passion and strength.

What does empowerment mean to you?

This is a question I have found myself being asked quite a bit lately.  So, I came up with an answer.

Empowerment has been an integral part of my life’s journey over the past few years.  For me, it has meant following the path I knew was right for me without the need for the approval of others.  To push through with courage no matter how frightening or impossible it seemed, because I knew in my core it was right.  It has allowed me to create a life that is built around who I am, instead of having to try and mold myself to a life that someone else has built for me.  It is about being able to be my true self in any situation, being confident in my abilities and passions, and about standing in my own power that I created for myself.  Forging my own path.  When a person is empowered, no one else can take away their power because no