We all have to deal with stress time to time.  Some more than others.  One of the most common causes of stress in our society is feeling downright overwhelmed.

And being overwhelmed can feel awfully, well, overwhelming!  When you get into that state of mind it is difficult to navigate your way back out to the other side.

I know how it feels.  I often (try always!) find myself juggling a million things at once.  Or perhaps it is just one mammoth task that has so many different steps it makes you crazy trying to figure it all out.  When there are so many different things calling your attention it is so difficult to decide what you should do first.  So, what usually happens?

You start one things, then another, then another, and don’t quite get any of them finished.

Or, you feel SO overwhelmed that you do absolutely nothing!  And then it all just piles up and gets out of